September 21, 2017

Koh Tao Diving Package full itinerary

Koh Tao is known for it’s beautiful dive sites with exotic tropical fish and incredible coral, so it’s no wonder the island is the most popular place in the world do complete a PADI diving course. At Simple Life Divers the experienced western dive instructors run all courses in small groups to make sure everyone gets plenty of attention, qualifies as a competent diver & has a great time along the way!

You can enjoy this package as an add-on to any of our Koh Phangan packages, or simply purchase it singly.


Let us know what time you will be arriving at the pier and  a member of staff will be waiting for you at the pier - look out for the Simple Life branded car. When you arrive take your time to settle into your room and relax after your journey. Later on you will meet your instructor for an orientation to the PADI open water course. You will fill in some paperwork and have a chat about what to expect over the coming days. In the evening meet your fellow scuba-divers and have a bite to eat in the social restaurant and bar area.



This morning you’ll cover some scuba diving theory, including safe diving practices, scuba diving equipment, effects of pressure, the buddy system and more. Watch some videos and review a few questions to make sure you understand.

In the afternoon, you will start shallow, confined water skills session. Against the backdrop of the ocean, the beachfront resort has two custom built swimming pools (shallow and deep) specifically for scuba diving training. It’s the ideal environment to take your first underwater breaths, familiarize yourself with the scuba unit and gain confidence.
Your instructor will demonstrate skills which you will practice back, designed to get you comfortable using scuba gear. Scuba skills will include:

Equipment assembly
Pre-dive safety checks
Mask and regulator clearing
Alternate air-source use
Buoyancy control
Communicating using hand signals
Ascent and Descent procedures.



This morning you will cover how to use the PADI’s recreational dive planner to plan the dives. This includes determining depth and allowable bottom time in order to stay well within safe diving limits. Then you’ll complete the scuba diving theory with a few short quizzes (but don’t worry these won’t be too difficult!).

In the afternoon comes the part you have been waiting for! Open water dives exploring the coral reefs and hidden underwater treasures around Koh Tao. Board the Simple Life’s dive boat and head out to two of Koh Tao’s shallow dive sites, where you make two open water dives down to a maximum depth of 12M. During the dives your instructor will reinforce what you learned during the shallow water skills session, plus have plenty opportunity to explore the Koh Tao dive sites and check out all the amazing aquatic life. You’ll also get to fine tune your buoyancy control.

Typical Koh Tao dive sites that you get to visit for open water dives 1&2 include Twins, White Rock, Aow Leuk and Red Rock (Nangyuan Pinnacle). Expect to see lots of bright corals, tropical fish, moray eels, sting-rays and maybe even a hawksbill turtle!



We’ll finish off the scuba course with your final two open water dives.

Visit some of Koh Tao’s more challenging dive sites where you can explore down to a maximum depth of 18M. Further increase your confidence by repeating some of the shallow water skills, and also make an exploration of the Koh Tao dive sites, enjoying the underwater topography and marine life.

Typical dive sites to visit during your final two dives can include the Chumphon Pinnacles, Laem Thian, Hin Pee Wee, Shark Island or Green Rock. Around these pinnacle dive sites you can expect to see Koh Tao’s larger species such as giant grouper, trevally, barracuda and batfish.

During these two dives, if you want, you have the chance to star in your own underwater movie! Simple Life Divers have our own underwater videographers who can accompany your dives and capture the experience on film.

In the evening meet at Simple Life’s bar-restaurant to enjoy watching your Koh Tao diving movie (accompanied by a well-deserved cold beer!) and fill out your PADI certification paperwork.

You’ll then be certified as a PADI Open Water diver, congratulations!