September 6, 2019


Koh Phangan has over 30 beaches, that’s not including the hidden gems, tiny coves or secret spots we don’t know about. They very in style, comfort, stone or sand and aesthetics but all beautiful in their own right. You’re a lucky person to experience this diverse island and its beaches!

You can go off exploring and find your very own preferred beach and as long as it is not peak full moon time, most beaches are never very busy like in other popular destinations of Thailand.

If you want some help on the best ones not to be missed then read on…

Haad Rin Beach

Haad Rin is one of the best beaches on the island not only for its world famous full moon party that happens every month. The beach is sometimes a ghost beach even on the most beautiful of days with the longtails on the shore and a safe swimming area.

The sand is soft and the views are beautiful and the sea is great for swimming. Jet ski operators are out if you have never tried this. There are scores of cafes and restaurants open on Chicken Corner and the beachfront resorts.

Haad Rin is not just about the brilliant full moon party and with families and couples and chilled groups of friends around, it’s a completely chilled out vibe. Try to visit Haad Rin outside of Full Moon and you will experience a perfect paradise beach, if not then make sure to check it out before the party. It will be busier but you can still see exactly why it has become so famous!

Koh Ma

Koh Ma is a small island which is attached to Maae Haad beach via a long sandbank. It’s a very popular beach spot perfect for sunbathing and spending the day as it is quite large so doesn’t feel too crowded. You can walk along the sandbank to Koh Ma and snorkel in this area, there is a lot of beautiful coral to see.

Secret Beach

Although named ‘Secret’ it is not really, however it is one of the must see beaches whilst you’re here. The beach is still underdeveloped apart from a small resort/restaurant. The sand is soft and is surrounded by coconut trees and boulder areas which you can go and explore, although it’s popular it retains a natural charm.

Bottle Beach

You’ll need to allow yourself the whole day if you are going to Bottle Beach. You can either trek through the marked out jungle which will take roughly 2 hours or get a taxi boat there and back. Lots of visitors enjoy to trek one way and then get a boat the other. Taxi boats are available from the closest villages of Chaloklum and Haad Khom.

It is most definitely worth it though and you can enjoy a real taste of paradise once you are there. Although very quiet and peaceful you can still get food and drinks from a small restaurant. Bottle beach is a wonderful place to spend the whole day exploring the sea, snorkelling or kayaking or just relaxing on this tropical haven.

Than sadet

Than Sadet is on the East Coast and is famous for its waterfall which was visited by Rama XI who left and inscription in a rock. The waterfall is reached before you get down to the beach so stop off either before or after.

Than Sadet beach is popular yet never gets annoyingly busy, you will find all types of visitors such as families, children, tourists and long term backpackers here. The beach itself is beautiful and you can go and explore to either side. The sea is great for swimming, better than the low tides of the South.

There are lots of other unique beaches like ‘Zen’ beach where you’ll find ‘true’ hippies beckoning and praying to the sunset (maybe some bare bums too…), Thong Nai Pan Noi and Yai, the foremost being the luxury resort area if you want to treat yourself whilst on an amazing beach and Yai being the less developed yet equally beautiful. So ask around at your accommodation, grab a map, test our must-see list and go explore!

Let us help you see these amazing beaches!!